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Improve your health, one breath at a time.

PRiDA monitors air quality factors and environmental indicators using real-time data, smart integration, and advanced calibration. We make it easy to take control of what you breathe.
  • Sleep Better & Boost Focus

    Control temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, and overall air composition for improved sleep and optimal productivity.

  • Improve Lung Function

    Avoid and mitigate respiratory issues like asthma by monitoring and enhancing your IAQ.

  • Prevent Disease & Irritations

    From headaches to heart disease, help prevent the short- and long-term effects of poor IAQ.

  • Minimize Allergies

    Clear the air of dust, pollen, and other particles that cause seasonal allergies.


Set up PRiDA and Breeze in a matter of minutes.


With a centralized, customizable dashboard, our app interface is accessible and easy for anyone in the family to understand.


Using smart integration and advanced calibration, PRiDA and Breeze easily synchronize with your home for automatically cleaner, healthier air.

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