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Whether you’re re-opening or looking to improve business as usual,
advance your air quality with the right information for the right solutions.

Using 5 different sensors, PRiDA tracks and reports real-time data to better your breaths and boost your business.

See how PRiDA works for you

Using personalized purification settings, Breeze optimizes both your air purification and productivity.

See how Breeze works for you

Fit for any business

PRiDA and Breeze effortlessly blend into any work environment. Customized to fit your business, boost productivity, optimize growth, and improve overall health.








Breathe better. Business better.

  • Increase Productivity, Performance, and Revenue

    Take advantage of cleaner, healthier air to build a more productive, profitable workplace.

  • Save Energy, Lower Costs

    Using smart integration and API, pair with your building system to optimize energy use and shrink energy bills.

  • Get Certified

    Show how your business prioritizes health and safety with our certification program.

  • Empower Customers & Employees

    Create a space that you, your customers, and your employees can live and breathe by.

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